Renewing Marriage Vows & Celebrating Life Together

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Mims as Bride cropped e1539611459254

Renewing Marriage Vows & Celebrating Life Together

October 15, 2018

Life is full of celebrations and as we age, each happy event becomes more meaningful.  Ceremonies are held for various events that bring family and friends together to share joy and be a part of a larger purpose. Weddings, of course, are one of the most special occasions that we share and now, increasingly, wedding vow renewal ceremonies are taking center state.  After many years of marriage, some bride and grooms are moved to renew their vows to each other and celebrate their enduring love.  At The Saybrook at Haddam, we think this is a wonderful thing to do and so this week we are celebrating weddings and renewing the vows of many couples living at our retirement and assisted living community.

Why renew vows?  This is not a requirement in a couple’s married life, but sometimes the act of a formal renewal gives a marriage a little boost or serves to inspire other people to strive for life-long commitment. After his first marriage renewal ceremony, the Rev. Steve Stockman remarked to the New York Times,“In a world where marriage is fragile and flighty, here were a couple declaring their love after all of these years. It was a moving ceremony and a great testimony to a society that needs to hear this kind of committed love.”

While some renewal ceremonies include a complete reenactment, travel to a destination, or a full-blown reception, ours will be simple.  Couples will gather in our beautiful front lobby, reaffirm the promises they originally made to each other (to be true to each other in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health, to love and honor each other all the days of their lives) and celebrate with great music and some delicious wedding cake.  We appreciate that many residents are sharing photos and other mementos from their wedding day.  It will be a day to make new memories and promises, and to show gratitude towards each other.

We found it interesting that the trend of wedding vow renewals is growing around the country and across religions. Rabbi Naftali Silberberg from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute says marriage renewals can serve a valuable purpose and perhaps should be done more frequently. He explains that in the Jewish faith, a marriage is actually renewed at every moment, so a “renewal” is really more of a celebration of how the relationship has grown and matured, and how a couple’s appreciation for each other has blossomed and flourished.  In this light, he says, a renewal could be a “time to recommit to each other, this time with more feeling, with more profound devotion—it is time to actively resolve to take the relationship to the next level.”

At The Saybrook at Haddam, we agree and we are ready to celebrate just that!


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